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Is Savannah a retirement village?

No, we are an over 50’s lifestyle resort. While there is some confusion over the differences between the two entities, essentially you own your home in a Lifestyle Resort and are governed by the Manufactured Homes Act, and you do not own your home in a Retirement Village and are legislated by a State-specific Retirement Villages Act.

Does Savannah offer security?

Yes, the resort is completely fenced with remote control access via security gates. The 1st Stage is already fitted with CCTV security cameras to which management has 24 hour access.

What would happen if the developers went broke?

While the current global economic situation ensures that no development is 100% guaranteed, the fact that Savannah is owned by Australian directors should give a greater level of comfort than, for example, a village owned by a faceless multinational corporation which is only interested in the investment just for profit.

Savannah has been classified as “Retirement Village – ancillary uses” with an additional stipulation of the following: “In addition to the normal conditions, if it does not contravene discrimination laws Council requires there should be a condition that specifies the development will always be available only to over 50s”. In the unlikely event that the company did go into liquidation the administrators and subsequent purchasers of the development would be bound by law to continue with the resort in its current format and, in our opinion, any attempts to make further changes to the material uses would be next to impossible to get through council.

Who is responsible for the upkeep of gardens and lawns?

Our landscaper and his team mows and maintains lawns and the front of all homes and street areas including the garden in common areas, recreational pavilion & pool. Residents are responsible for the maintenance of their rear and side yard on their sites.

Can I select any home to build on my site?

No, to preserve the integrity of the development, the design team has allocated individual houses that best suit each site, whether because of the shape of the design or aesthetics. In most cases we can offer a choice of different styles per each lot and this information can be found in our design book.

What about body corporate fees?

There are no body corporate fees. We charge a weekly site fee that covers rental of the land, rates, water usage, landscaping and garden maintenance, courtesy bus, use of the facilities and rubbish removal within the resort. This fee is adjusted each year in accordance with C.P.I. increases and is capped at a maximum of 5%.

Can I let out my home to tenants?

No. To ensure and protect your investment and that of the community, we only allow homes to be owner occupied or family owned and occupied. In some cases the development will lease back homes to use for Display purposes and, very occasionally, to house new home owners while their house in the development is under construction.

Can I have a pet?

Yes. We appreciate that pets are part of your family and they are welcome with prior approval from the management, however we do have a pet policy which governs both cats and dogs that must be adhered to.

What type of contract do I enter when I buy a home?

You enter into a standard House Construction Contract and a Queensland Government legislated Site Agreement, which gives you indefinite security of tenure on your site.

Do I receive a title to the home?

Yes. You receive a Certificate of Ownership.

Are there rebates applicable to the site fees?

Yes. Rental Assistance is payable fortnightly by Centrelink and Veteran Affairs to those who are eligible.

Does the weekly site fee increase?

The weekly fee is annexed to any increases from the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or management discretion capped at a maximum of 5%. This is also controlled by Government legislation.

How are my weekly site fees paid?

Fortnightly by direct debit from your nominated bank account.

What legal costs are involved when investing at Savannah Lifestyle Resorts?

There are no Government statutory charges such as stamp duty. The only cost to you would be personal legal costs if you decide to engage a solicitor – this is not strictly necessary since there are no conveyance fees charged.

Am I liable for any additional charges?

No. Other than your own electricity, telephone, home and contents insurance and fumigation.

The social aspect of the development is arranged by a residents’ Social Club. Events and activities organized by them may attract a small cost.

Can I sell my home?

Yes, at anytime and all capital gains are yours to keep. The home can only be occupied by Over-50’s, although it can be owned by family members.

What occurs should anything happen to me?

The home goes into your estate. Your beneficiaries can sell the home at anytime and all capital gains and profit belongs to your beneficiaries. You may engage any real estate sales agency of our choice and or Savannah Lifestyle Resorts. The following will apply after appointment:

  • First three months – full Weekly Site Fee
  • Second three months – 75% of Weekly Site Fee
  • Thereafter until house is sold – 50% of Weekly Site Fee

What is the guarantee on my home?

You will receive a 12-month maintenance-free period and your home is covered by QBCC warranties which guarantee 6 years and 6 months on any construction defects. Please refer to QBCC for further detail on what is covered.

How long does it take from the time I order my home until I can move in?

You can move into your fully completed home 22 weeks from the date of your unconditional contract to purchase. We can also offer a pay and build as you go option, whereby the house is constructed in stages, which can drastically reduce final construction time upon the successful sale of a home outside of the development.

Are the homes protected from termites?

Yes. In addition to the fact that all our homes are constructed using steel framing, all homes on-site are protected from termites in accordance with the local building regulations and the Australian Standards. However, it’s the homeowners responsibility to have the 12 monthly fumigation inspections conducted at your own expense.

Is transport provided?

Savannah Lifestyle Resorts owns a 12 seater courtesy bus for its residents’ use. This bus travels down to Cairns on the first Wednesday of each month, residents are given the choice to be dropped off at either of the three Shopping Centres (Smithfield, Central and Stocklands) in the morning and collected from the same venue in the afternoon.

The use of the bus for trips to the Mareeba CBD are available, however to date very few owners have had to use of this facility.

Residents can individually or as a group use the facility bus to take day trips with prior arrangement with management.

Are there rebates applicable to the site fees?

Rental Assistance is available from Centrelink and Veteran Affairs to those who are eligible which can be offset against the site fee.


“I have been here 7 years and watched the place grow. Love living here.”

Deirdre Yates

“I thoroughly enjoy my home and lifestyle at Savannah, we have lovely friendships and lots of good times.”

Lyn Dyer

“It is a fabulous lifestyle … great people.”

Marie Williams

“I have been living at Savannah for four years in my lovely "Hippy" home. I have a beautiful front garden which I love filling with colourful flowers. Savannah has now moved ahead in a very friendly and positive way. Congratulations... The 'best' place to live.”

Sandy Kelly

“We are so happy we have moved to Savannah. From 300 wet days to 300 dry days.”

Sandra Wilson


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